Pensions for elders in high birthrate countries

Taux de natalité dans le monde. Source : Wikipedia

An e-mail to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation : 


As an architect, but also as a citizen, I am interested for long a long time in environmental issues. 
Lately, it seemed to me that the greatest challenge ahead for our world was demographics, particularly in Central Africa, where the growth doesn't seem to brake. Until today, I have only heard about family planning , contraception , education. 

But all these solutions have had limited results because they didn't reach the structure of the social and family life in Central Africa. All those who make a lot of children will tell you that it is precisely because they are poor that they have to have so many children, just to meet their needs once they are no longer able to work. In other countries , there are pensions. With these pensions , people are less concerned for their old age. 

If we could set up a pension for all persons over 60 years , at their request, without counterpart , the policies for declining birth rates would have much more impact because there would be no reason to have lots of children . 

That's why I submit my idea to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the few capable of this important financial effort. I believe that the gains of these politics would be so big, that, after a generation, it would be possible for the people themselves, to finance their pensions. Waiting for your opinion about this idea, 

Best regards, 
Martin Lucas